Attendance Policy Summary


Los padres que necesitan hablar or dejar un mensaje, con un administrador, en español pueden llamar Señor Jason Brooks al 435.673.4682, ext. 106 o por email:

Parents who need to talk to an administrator can call the front office at 673-4682 

Si desea hablar con un miembro del Consejo de la Comunidad, por favor póngase en contacto con Mary Cruz al 435.703.0669 o por email:

To speak with a member of the Community Council, please click on the ‘Community Council’  button in the upper right corner to see contact information

Los padres que desean disculpar los hijos de la escuela pueden llamar a la oficina de asistencia y dejar un mensaje en  español al 435.673.4684

Parents who want to excuse their children from school may call the attendance office at 673-4684



“A tradition of academic excellence for over 100 years!”

Our Mission at Dixie High School is to develop capable, caring, contributing graduates who exemplify the school’s historic motto:  “Pace Deo a Posse ad Esse” or “From Possibility to Reality”

School  Information

350 East 700 South St George, UT 84770
Phone: 435.673.4682  Fax: 435.673.2384 

 Diamond D 

Watch the Diamond D Tutorial HERE


Cross Country

Girls Tennis

Boys Golf

Girls Soccer 

Boys Football

Girls Volleyball








Bell Schedule  2015/2016

Regular Days 
1A/5B 8:15-9:37
2A/6B 9:42-11:06
Lunch 11:06-11:51
3A/7B 11:56-1:18
4A/8B 1:23-2:45

Morning Assembly
1A/5B 8:15-9:25
Assembly 9:25-10:15
2A/6B 10:20-11:30
Lunch 11:30-12:15
3A/7B 12:20-1:30
4A/8B 1:35-2:45

Afternoon Assembly
1A/5B 8:15-9:25
2A/6B 9:30-10:40
Lunch 10:40-11:25
3A/7B 11:30-12:40
Assembly 12:45-1:35
4A/8B 1:35-2:45

(Pep) Assembly
1A/5B 8:15-9:26
Assembly 9:26-10:06
2A/6B 10:11-11:22
Lunch 11:22-12:12
3A/7B 12:17-1:28
4A/8B 1:33-2:45

AM Assembly
Assembly 8:15-9:05
1A/5B 9:05-10:15
2A/6B 10:20-11:30
Lunch 11:30-12:15
3A/7B 12:20-1:30
4A/8B 1:35-2:45

PLC Collaboration Days
Sept 21, Oct 12, Dec 14, Feb 1, Apr 4
1A/5B 8:15-9:03
2A/6B 9:08-9:58
3A/7B 10:03-10:51
4A/8B 10:56-11:45
Lunch at 11:45 – 12:30      Buses Run at 12:30
Collaboration 12:45

Rebound & Lunch Detention
1A/5B 8:15-9:35
2A/6B 9:40-11:02
Lunch 11:02-11:57
REBOUND 11:22-11:57
3A/7B 12:02-1:21
4A/8B 1:26-2:45
Monday - Thursday (scheduled by the Administration)

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Summer Camps!

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To report hazying or bullying violations:
Email: Mr. Jason Brooks at or
Mr. Mike Bair at
Each reported complaint shall include--
(1) name of person reporting
(2) name of offender
(3) date and location of incident(s)
(4) a statement describing the incident(s), including names of witnesses.
To report hazing or bullying anonymously:
Call: 435.673.7759

 Non-Discrimination Statement of Title IX-504

Washington County School District is an equal opportunity district. All educational classes and programs are available to all students without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, or handicap. Information regarding grievance procedures to follow for addressing possible discriminatory actions may be obtained from the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education, 189 West Tabernacle, St. George, Utah 84770, (435) 435.673.3553.


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