350 East 700 South
Saint George, UT 84770
T: 435.673.4682
F: 435.673.2384



  • Air Force JROTC – Sgt. Kevin Robinson

Picture of SMSgt Kevin Robinson

email: kevin.robinson@washk12.org

  • Ambassadors – Angela Atkinson

Picture of Angela Atkinson

email: angela.atkinson@washk12.org

  • American Rocketry Challenge – Lt. Col. Kenneth Field

LtCol Field

email: kenneth.field@washk12.org

  • Art Club – Sara Sisam

Picture of Sara Sisam

email: sara.sisam@washk12.org

  • ASL – Tony Park

email: tony.park@washk12.org

  • Card – Cody Dupass

email: cody.dupass@washk12.org

  • Drama/Thespian – Josh Scott

Picture of Joshua Scott

email: josh.scott@washk12.org

  • ETS – Karl Waters

email: karl.waters@washk12.org

  • FCCLA – Libby LeFevre, Anna Roberts

Picture of Libby Lefevre

email: libby.lefevre@washk12.org/anna.roberts@washk12.org

  • FFA – Dave Gust, *Jared Huddleston, Brieanna Hone

Picture of Dave Gust

email: dave.gust@washk12.org/jared.huddleston@washk12.org/brieanna.hone@washk12.org

  • DECA – Tim Thorley

Picture of Tim Thorley

email: tim.thorley@washk12.org

  • Gay Straight Alliance – Ashlie McDonald

Picture of Ashlie McDonald

email: ashlie.mcdonald@washk12.org

  • HOSA – Jaime Araiza

email: jaime.araiza@washk12.org

  • Leadership Dixie – Manny Tovar

Picture of Manny Trovar

email: manny.tovar@washk12.org

  • Pep Club – Stacy Leavitt

Picture of Stacy Leavitt

email: stacy.leavitt@washk12.org

  • Science Club – Mark Dickson, *Dave Burr, Jacson Parker

Picture of Dave Burr

email: mark.dickson@washk12.org/dave.burr@washk12.org/jacson.parker@washk12.org

  • Science Olympiad – Mark Dickson

Picture of Mark Dickson

email: mark.dickson@washk12.org

  • Skills USA – Craig Milligan, * Jeremiah Herron, Jason Bowler

Picture of Craig Milligan

email: craig.milligan@washk12.org/jeremiah.herron@washk12.org/jason.bowler@washk12.org

  • Spanish Club – Chance Tolman, Burt Myers

Picture of Chance Tolman

email: chance.tolman@washk12.org/burt.myers@washk12.org

  • Sterling Scholar – Dennese Bradshaw, Melissa Lewis

Picture of Dennese Bradshaw

email: dennese.bradshaw@washk12.org/melissa.lewis@washk12.org