350 East 700 South
Saint George, UT 84770
T: 435.673.4682
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“Pace deo a posse ad esse” — from possibility to reality.

The Mission Statement for Dixie High School–defines a purpose for our school which is centered on student learning. Our first commitment is to ensure that our students become academically capable.  We recognize that a strong future for our students requires that they develop the knowledge and skills that are needed to be successful in their next endeavor involving higher education and careers.  We also recognize that building a strong community requires that our citizens be willing to contribute in positive ways.  The experiences students receive in the classroom, as part of our extra curricular events, and through participation in our clubs and service organizations, all combine to accomplish the goal of developing capable, caring, and contributing citizens.

–Sharla Campbell, Principal


Parents who need to talk to an administrator can call the front office at 673-4682.

To speak with a member of the Community Council, please click on the ‘Community Council’ button in the upper right corner to see contact information.

Parents who want to excuse their children from school may call the attendance office at 673-4684.

Los padres que necesitan hablar or dejar un mensaje, con un administrador, en español pueden llamar Señor Jason Brooks al 435.673.4682, ext. 106 o por email: jason.brooks@washk12.org

Los padres que desean disculpar los hijos de la escuela pueden llamar a la oficina de asistencia y dejar un mensaje en español al 435.673.4684